Please do not touch the lettuce written on a blackboard
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Paris Food Markets

Blackboard at Bastille Market with sign that reads: Please do not touch the lettuce written on a blackboard
Please do not touch the lettuce written on a blackboard

Food Markets in Paris
Visit the Paris Mayor’s market page for opening times or click on the market basket on the home page. The day and hours information is kept current.

Key words to understand from the Paris Mayor’s market page:
réouverture = reopens
06eme = 6th arrondissement (75006)
05eme = 5th arrondissement (75005)
1er = 1st arrondissement (75001)
Marché aux fleurs et aux oiseaux Cité = Flower and bird market Ile de la Cité
demain = tomorrow

The market links are in real time. Aujourd’hui (today), Demain (tomorrow) and the next day of the week … If you see Fermé in red, this means there is no market.  Click on Voir les horaires reguliers (see normal hours) or Tous Les Horaires-Vacances comprises (All hours, vacations included) for more information.

Either the map’s shopping basket near to where you are staying for the metro, address and hours or click on a specific market name on their site for hours and days.

By neighborhood/arrondissement
First arrondissement
Marché Saint-Eustache-Les Halles
Marché St Honoré

Second arrondissement
Marché Bourse

Third arrondissement
Covered market – Marché des Enfants Rouges

Fourth arrondissement
Marché Baudoyer

Fifth arrondissement
Marché Maubert
Marché Monge
Marché Port-Royal

Sixth arrondissement
Covered market – Marché Saint-Germain
Marché Raspail
Organic – Marché biologique (Bio) Raspail

Seventh arrondissement
Marché Saxe-Breteuil

Eighth arrondissement
Marché Aguesseau
Covered market – Marché Treilhard

Ninth arrondissement
Marché Anvers

Tenth arrondissement
Marché couvert St Martin
Covered market – Marché Saint-Quentin
Marché Alibert

Eleventh arrondissement
Marché Popincourt
Marché Bastille (Largest in Paris on Sunday) Metro: Line 1, 5 or 8 Bastille, Breguet-Sabin, Chemin Vert (Thursday is low-key, mostly vendors)
Marché Belleville
Marché Père-Lachaise
Marché Charonne

Twelfth arrondissement
Marché Ledru-Rollin
Marché découvert Beauvau (marché d’Aligre) – food, wine, flea market – very active and colorful
(covered market) Marché Beauvau (marché d’Aligre)
Place Aligre, 75012 Paris
Hours: Thursday hours 8:00 am–1:00 pm, 4:00 pm–7:00 pm
Access: Between Line 8 (Ledru-Rollin) exit (sortie) #2
Line 1 Gare de Lyon sortie #10 (Lagraverand); Bus 86 (stop Crozatier)
The hospice des Enfants Trouvés (Found children) once existed at the present Square Trousseau. Constructed in 1779, it bore the name of its widowed benefactor, Madame Aligre. Apparently, if you are able to enter into some of the courtyards along rue d’Aligre, you would see vestiges of the past.
Marché St Eloi
Marché Bercy
Marché Daumesnil
Marché Cours de Vincennes
Marché Porte Dorée

Thirteenth arrondissement
Marché Salpétrière
Marché Vincent-Auriol
Marché Auguste-Blanqui
Marché Jeanne d’Arc
Marché Alésia
Marché Paris Rive Gauche
Marché Bobillot
Marché Maison-Blanche

Fourteenth arrondissement
Marché Edgar Quinet
Organic – Marché biologique Brancusi
Marché Mouton-Duvernet
Marché Villemain
Marché Brune
Marché Jourdan

Fifteenth arrondissement
Marché Cervantes
Marché Grenelle
Marché Convention
Marché Georges Brassens
Marché Saint-Charles
Marché Lefebvre
Marché Lecourbe

Sixteenth arrondissement
Marché Président Wilson
Marché couvert Saint-Didier
Marché Amiral Bruix
Marché couvert de Passy
Marché Gros-la-Fontaine
Marché Auteuil
Marché Porte Molitor
Marché Point du Jour

Seventeenth arrondissement
Marché biologique des Batignolles
Marché couvert Batignolles
Marché Navier
Marché couvert des Ternes
Marché Berthier

Eighteenth arrondissement
Marché Barbès
Marché couvert La Chapelle
Marché Ornano
Marché Ordener
Marché Ney

Nineteenth arrondissement
Marché Villette
Marché Place des Fêtes
Marché Joinville
Marché Crimée-Curial
Marché Jean Jaurès
Marché Porte d’Aubervilliers
Marché Porte Brunet

Twentieth arrondissement
Marché Pyrénées
Marché Réunion
Marché Télégraphe
Marché Belgrand
Marché Mortier
Marché Davout

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