• A popular movie location at Cafés de l'Indusrie
    Life in Paris & France

    Statistics About Paris, Parisians and Tourists

    A college class in statistics can be fun or not. Everyday statistics about Paris are very interesting and colorful. The Paris Tourist Office released its key figures or statistics about Paris, Parisians and tourists. When questioned about discovering Paris, tourists said strolling through Paris is the principal reason for visiting Paris. Forty-six percent of Brazilians, Australians, Russians and Germans topped the list preferring this method to see Paris. Forty percent (Brazilian, Australian, Japanese and American) prefer visiting the Paris museums. Dutch, Chinese and British visitors prefer shopping. Gastronomy is an important factor for Americans, Japanese, Germans and Canadians. The Paris transportation system carries three billion voyagers a year. Paris has 384…

  • Interactive game Shambles at Versailles "Help Louis XIV to build his Palace

    Experience Versailles in 3D from Home

    While preparing a visit to Versailles, I ended up helping build Versailles. The building task involves matching three levels of  architecture to please Mr. Mansard and the King. Playing the game, I heard myself giggling out loud (as did the rest of the household). Once completed, I earned a medal and the approval of the Louis XIV. “Shambles at Versailles”  is one of the new interactive games to help Jules Hardouin-Mansard (architecture), Jean-Baptiste Colbert (menagerie) and André le Nôtre (gardens) finish building Versailles. And by the way, did Versailles always look this way, gigantic and full of gardens? Surely, there must have been something on the grounds before: A forest? a house? a…