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    Life in Paris & France

    Did You Lose An Object In Paris?

    This holiday season, my earmuffs are keeping someone else warm. They fell off my sleeve between the chocolate store and the brasserie across the street from the shop. We left the brasserie, and I realized my earmuffs were gone. Retracing my steps, the chocolate store did not have them. They were not on the floor of the brasserie. Should I call file a police report? I was one hundred percent sure they had already found a new home. If not, they might be in one of these Mayor of Paris photos. Over 140,000 objects are turned in to lost and found every year. The latest losses from readers involve loss…

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    Life in Paris & France

    History of Lost and Found-Objets Trouvés in France

    The Lost and Found department of the Paris police department is one of the oldest in the world, over two hundred years old. The history of Paris’ objets trouvés in French is no longer available on the Préfecture de police’s website.is recorded already in 1367. Charles, Duc of Normandy, decreed that hotels and auberges were to take care of lost property until the owner returned to claimed it. During the Middle Ages and under the Ancient Regime (1500s to end of 1700s – after Renaissance to French Revolution), lost items were announced publicly for three Sundays in a row. If no one claimed the item(s) they became the property of the King…

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    Impressionism and Fashion

    Impressionism and Fashion….the Continuation of the Post “Impressionist Influences on Hopper and on Fashion“ Emmeline Raymond Mentor des bonnes families wrote in ‘la Mode et la Parisienne, 1867’ … ‘Without a doubt the women of Paris are feminine, but they are more feminine than other women….’. Arsène Houssaye, editor of l’Artiste, 1869, wrote that “A Parisian woman isn’t in fashion, she is the fashion….”. Why I like the “Impressionism and Fashion” Exhibit  The time period is set when the visitor enters the exhibit. The front page of Le Figaro announces the opening of Printemps March 3, 1884. By this time, the Grand Magazin le Louvre is already in existence since 1874.…

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    Impressionist Influences on Hopper and on Fashion

    “Edward Hopper” (Extended to February 3) and “Impressionism and Fashion” are two current and popular Paris exhibitions. Both exhibits are worth the visit. They are both “firsts”. The Grand Palais exhibit of Hopper is the first major Paris retrospective. The Musée d’Orsay exhibit of Impressionism and Fashion is the first time fashion is highlighted in association with Impressionist painters. It is an “unusual change” from Impressionist-era paintings, sculptures and photographs. The “What If’s” What if you are not visiting Paris right now? What if you do not have three to four hours to wait in line for the Hopper exhibit? What if you are visiting Paris highlights and not museums? “What…

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    Hopper … The Continuation of the Impressionist Influences

    Hopper … The continuation of the “Impressionist Influences on Hopper and Fashion“ Why I Like the “Edward Hopper” Exhibit Edward Hopper’s paintings seem contemporary to me. As contemporary as his paintings are even today, Hopper, the man, was born before they built the Eiffel Tower. He died a year before the May 1968 protests in Paris. Hopper’s first visit to Paris in 1906 is the same year that Gertrude Stein is entertaining Pablo Picasso and Picasso paints her famous portrait. To demonstrate Hopper’s training, the Grand Palais curators hang influential painters’ works near Hoppers’ for comparisons. The Impressionist style attracts Hopper with its use of light, “harmony and sensual pleasure”. Edgar Degas influences Hopper’s…