August 21, no service between La Défense and Nation alternatives available
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Paris RER A Renovating after Forty Years

August 21, no service between La Défense and Nation alternatives available
August 21, no service between La Défense and Nation alternatives available.

After forty years, RER A is renovating between July 23 and August 21. Alternative transportation options are available. Two videos and a website explain the details.

The RER A serves forty-six stations (35 RATP metro and 11 SNCF) and carries 308 million travelers a year with two minutes between trains.  Read more about the RER A project and other statistics.

Guides for How to Get Around this Summer on RER A and C can be downloaded as well as the special instructions booklet, practical guide to prepare ahead, guide for the disabled and how to get around Paris and the outlying areas this summer.

The videos are graphically well done and worth a watch. Verbally they are available only in French.
RER A construction work – the long version video (Travaux été RER A 2016: 2ème étape du samedi 23 juillet au dimanche 21 août – version longue)

Tips how to work around the closure (Des conseils for RER ATravaux d’été RER A 2016: anticipez la fermeture)

Lots of Information in English
For all RER A guides, maps, videos and photo , visit the RATP website. Above the banner “RATP Demandez Nous La Ville”, choose the symbol “EN” for information in English. You may have to recharge the “EN” on some pages to return to the English version.RER A sign for closure July 23 to August 21, no service between La Défense and Nation alternatives available

The Journey (itinerary) simulator of construction work on RER A is in English. The FAQ is also translated into English to respond to reader questions. Someone asked RATP about replacement buses between La Défense and Nation. They responded that because a bus carries 70 passengers and the RER A can carry 2,600 passengers every three minutes, bus service is not feasible.

Alternative transportation and RER C
Alternatives to public transportation are the taxis. RATP has special offers during the summer 2016 work with the taxi company G7/WeCab/G7 shared/Néo-Nomade between July 23 and August 21 for the RER A route: La Défense and Nation.

The special reservation number: 01 41 27 66 79.
WeCab serves Paris train stations and airports. Use the code RER2016.

RATP has suggestions for facilitating your transportation during the RER A closure and to connect to tourist sites usually served by the RER C.

August 21, no service between La Défense and Nation alternatives available. interactive map helps visualize the summer closures of RER A and C. Select your destination, find alternative travel solutions and prepare ahead with a table of new travel times between destinations.

However, there will be bus service between Charles de Gaul/Etoile and La Défense

Read all about the RER A renovation project (in English): What is the construction work for? How does it work replacing the tracks, switches, crossings, etc.

Additional RER A background (in English)

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