Poster (affiche) for exhibition l'Histoire en Costumes de la Belle Époque aux années folles 1890-1930 at Château Champs-sur-Marne
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Expo: l’Histoire en Costumes 1890-1930

Poster (affiche) for exhibition l'Histoire en Costumes de la Belle Époque aux années folles 1890-1930 at Château Champs-sur-MarneThe Histoire en Costumes de la Belle Époque aux années folles 1890-1930 exhibition is a retrospective. The history of style exhibition uses the Château Champs-sur-Marne’s decor to help you imagine the women, men and children wearing them in the proper setting.

The forty pieces of clothing are from the private collection of Nathalie Harran, art historian and director of La Dame d’Amours.

The shutters in the château’s rooms are closed to protect the precious and fragile costumes.

This diversity of styles covers the period 1895 to 1935. The grand bourgeoisie families like the Cahen d’Anvers were no exception. Designers were called upon to renew the wardrobes according to the season. Different outfits were needed for the afternoon, dinner, evening attire, sports attire and the seaside.

During and after the First World War, the winds of fashion blew through French society changing styles and incurring liberty of dress, an era of modernity with fewer constraints. For women, styles went shorter and the shape was less defined. Styles had to reflect a life more active.

The Belle Époque exhibition is the second in a series. The first exhibition in 2016 took the visitor to the 18th century. The series will be presented between 2016 and 2019.

Calendar of exhibitions
2016 : « L’élégance au XVIIIème siècle » Elegance of the 18th century brought to light covering the time of the Marquise de Pompadour and the influence of exoticism during the expansion of the East India Company.
2017 : « L’élégance au XIXème siècle » Elegance of the 19th century takes us to the time of the Cahen d’Anvers family; wealthy bankers and the last owners of the property.
2018 : « L’élégance des robes de mariées » The elegance of wedding attire.
2019 : « L’élégance au jardin »  The elegance of clothing for the garden.

Dual portrait images of Louis Cahen d'Anvers (Léon Bonnat, 1901) and Louise Cahen d'Anvers, par Léon Bonnat, 1893
Louis Cahen d’Anvers (Léon Bonnat, 1901) and Louise Cahen d’Anvers (Léon Bonnat, 1893) – last owners of Château Champs-sur-Marne

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