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Prepare Your Visit to Paris, France

Some of my Paris books stacked on a chair with passementier, drapes and Jouy-en-Josas fabricSuitcase? Check! Camera? Check! Walking shoes? Check! French language? Always working on it! Reading material? Check!

Language? Brush up on that French grammar! Frantastique is my Wednesday exercise. Then when I go shopping or chat on the street, those proper verbs just slide right out … still studying though! Download for use offline the valuable application Linguee dictionary.

Dear Reader,

Prepare in advance for your Paris visit (actual or virtual)! Some books in my library about Paris are not meant to be, but become personalised walking tours. They provide enough material to stroll through Paris and explore. Another book in the library prepared me with a story and history for our Champagne tasting excursion.Street Art Paris by Stéphanie Lombard

David Downie’s books are walking tours of history. Each chapter of each book weaves a tale of discovery. Three reviews for “Taste of Paris”, “Paris, paris Journey into the City of Light” and  “Paris to the Pyrenées”

Tilar J. Mazzeo‘s book whisks you into Champagne history with the Veuve Clicquot. (Reims is a 46-minute train ride away from Paris.)

Interested in Street Art? Capturing some images on rue des Vertus yesterday, a French lady stopped and showed me her Street Art Paris book with its maps to find well-known street art. “Some have been torn down, others replaced, many still intact,” she said (in perfect French).Street Art guidebook with ISBN code

What’s going on and transportation from CDG
Those were two questions a reader asked me most recently. For activities and current trends, my suggestions were a website, an airport guidebook and the Paris tourist office guidebooks. For transportation visit my transportation page and download three apps (applications) for your phone.

Free guide book to Paris at airports in French and EnglishVisit the  website: L’Officiel des spectacles for exhibitions, concerts, cinema, etc. You can buy the weekly small format magazine at any newsstand.

At the airport, pick up the recent, indispensable copy of Paris Worldwide. Worldwide is written in French and English; pick it up after security or in baggage claim.

Inside you have French and English descriptions, tips, test your knowledge quiz, the latest on Paris restaurants, hotels, nightlife, a “window shopping” (“virée shopping”): the March April edition is all about my neighbourhood Bréguet-La Roquette.

Free guidebooks are available at the official Paris Tourist office by Metro: Pyramides (25 Rue des Pyramides, 75001) just off avenue de l’Opera. 

What is the best way to get from CDG to the hotel?
Take a look at the updated Colleen’s Paris Transportation page for information. Much depends on the location of your Paris residence. Taxis have fixed rates between the airports. Personally, I avoid Uber. I highly recommend three apps: the RATP app for the metro and directions, and the SNCF/OUI applications, Taxi G7 application.
It’s April, what should I wear? 
The season is changing from really cold to mildly cold. Temperatures are now moving into the 17C/62F range. This is the current fashion for April weather, Easter weekend, including a skateboarder by Biocoop.

This Web site and and its blog articles are for travelers to Paris who are looking for advice from someone who lives in Paris. These tips are "for Parisians at heart". Many people would like to visit, some can and some cannot - so I will help you enjoy a glimpse of the city and its surroundings. This project has been ongoing since 2002. Prior to living in Paris (since 1992) my European history began in the early 70s with three years in Wiesbaden, Germany. My next foray onto the Continent was in the mid-80s after graduation from the University of Florida (where I met Erik): traveling around Europe and UK with my friend, Margie, hitchhiking around and working in Ireland. After living and working as a journalist in Sweden for four years, traveling on boats, the Trans-Siberian Railway, local trains and planes took Erik and I around the world. I began working as a flight attendant in 1990 for American Airlines, based in Chicago. We moved to Paris, France in 1992 where I commuted between Paris and Chicago for my flight attendant/stewardess job. Finally my inner voice said "Stop!" and I left American Airlines six weeks shy of 20 years January 1, 2010. Now that is over and I am back working as a journalist and photographer full time on - My videos are posted on YouTube on the colleensparis youtube channel. and I am active in Toastmasters 75. Enjoy!