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Use this map as a reference to Paris, her monuments and where you would like to stay

What’s on This Page?
1. How to find a place to stay

2. Advice to a reader about two neighborhoods (Sentier and Haussmann/Saint-Lazare)

3. Hotels with Eiffel Tower view

4. Haussmann and Sentier Neighborhoods

When you click on the Venere map to the left you are linked directly to the hotel for reservations. This is the same reservation system that the hotel uses. You pay directly at the hotel property.

No extra fees are added to the price of the hotel rooms or apartments.

The Web site provides an overview of the hotel, rooms and prices, a photo gallery and users ratings.

Use this system to look for and book hotels in France, United States and Europe. Your reservation helps keep Colleen’s Paris going. Thank you!

Booking hint
September and October are big trade fair and convention months.

Book early to avoid the competition when you have special needs or requests.

During these months, hotels will be more expensive and require early booking. August is one of the lowest cost months.

Apartment hint
An apartment is an economical way to go if you are staying in Paris for several days or longer. With the money you save you can go out to eat at a nice restaurant!.

A hotel restricts you to one room, the one-bedroom apartment gives you the option of taking a nap while the other member(s) of your party watch TV or make tea in the kitchenette.

I hope you will consider trying the WayToStay reservation system.

Other sources of apartment information that I am not related to are Citadines and the advertisements in FUSAC. Having a lot of sources gives you options to price shop and check out the locations.

Use The Map As A Guide
Use the map to get you started for Venere to see what is around. Under the tab “Accommodations All Types” you have a choice of hotels, B&B, residences, etc. ” Put in your dates and number of guests so availability is checked automatically. Choose your currency for pricing information.

If you will be in Paris for several days, have a large family or traveling buddies, consider an apartment.

For photos and pricing information on hotels, vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts click on Venere or for Paris apartment rentals, try WayToStay.

These two sources help Colleen’s Paris. However, they also give you a view of what is out there, locations, descriptions, photos, ratings and prices. The hotels listed in Venere use the Venere system for their reservations.

Try Bridgestreet Rentals under “Vacation Rentals” in various locations in Paris or Citadines.

Look at the free online magazine, FUSAC, and use their apartment ads as a guide to what to do. Inside they have ads for agencies representing rental properties. Hard copies of FUSAC are available at Anglo businesses.
Teachers coming over to Paris use Sabbatical Homes . Other readers use VRBO. Any others would be easily found with a Google search.

Look at is are their photos, amenities and what is in the neighborhood. One apartment may seem far away from Notre Dame, but if it is walking weather and you are not in a hurry, anywhere is a Paris pleasure.

In a moderate hurry, the buses run all over Paris so you can sightsee and be transported somewhere. In a big hurry, use the metro down the street or near your door. The RER B may just run between your apartment and the airport. No matter where you are, you are close to the village feel of Paris.

Advice given to a reader
A reader traveling with two young girls asked about staying around Metro Sentier and in the Haussmann Saint-Lazare area. This is my advice:

Neighborhoods change atmosphere from one street to the next in Paris. Unless you are given a specific address, it is difficult to tie down where you are exactly. Paris streets are lit and safe and each street has atmosphere. With central locations such as Metro Sentier and Gare Saint Lazare you are not far from anything. Both areas are close to grocery stores.

Around Metro Sentier, for example, if you stay on the north side of rue Réamur, it is quiet because the shops are clothing wholesalers (like my neighborhood in the 11th/Bastille). Thirty-seconds away south of rue Réamur and rue du Nil is Petits Carreaux/Montorgueil, a street full of shops and cafes and a grocery store. At night, only the cafes are open on the street and lively during nice weather with lots of patrons sitting outside.

Her apartment description mentioned Place de la Victoire and Passage des Cerfs. I pulled up the Google map for an idea of these locations in relation to Metro Sentier. Those two points are a five minute walk from Metro Sentier. Fifteen minute walk to Louvre.

The apartment Haussmann Saint Lazare is in a livelier part of town (but still relatively quiet) not far from the train station. (Trains are a popular form of transportation in France. If you are coming from the States, there is no comparison). I could not tell from the description whether the apartment is on rue d’Amsterdam or Caumartin. If it is Caumartin near the RER, a pedestrian street.

The area is close to the departments stores (minutes) Galeries Lafayette and Printemps (open late on Thursdays till 9 p.m./8 p.m. the other nights – closed Sunday). It is close to the (5-10 minutes) Opera and Madeleine. Half hour walk to Louvre. You will find Galeries Gourmet (upscale Monoprix – very nice) for grocery shopping in Galeries Lafayette, Monoprix grocery and small department store combo right next to the RER Haussmann Saint Lazare. Use Google maps to find the distance between Haussmann Saint Lazare and Palais Garner – opera house, Cafe de la Paix, Champs Elysees, etc.

Paris is a walkable city, full of light at night, safe, and fun to look upward into apartments that have not been turned into offices.

Depending on where you live now (city, suburb, farm, etc.), what you plan to do in the evening with the girls determines your evening neighborhood.

Some things to do:
Palais Garnier  provides visits in English – worth the time! (Pull up the page in English and click on the “Visit” section
Jacquemart-Andre Museum has Tea Time for children  – contact them for more details .
If you are considering day trips, read about Auvers-sur-Oise and Chantilly .
Are you familiar with the Jardin d’Acclimatation with its rides for children? They have a guide in English for downloading.

Three suggestions since you and the girls will be living like Parisians:
An excellent book for Paris streets is the small format map book l’Indispensable  (under 6 euros at any magazine shop in Paris) This is just to show you what it looks like.

A great transportation map to use for transportation is the Number 2 Grand Plan de Paris (this link shows the bus system). Pick it up free at any metro station. Here is an RATP link to show you what it looks like. On the hard copy, the buses are on one side, the metros on the other.

The Paris Tourist Office at Pyramides has enough information that you may require an additional suitcase to cart it all back!

A cute little cheesecake, crêpe café (Princess Crêpe) is open in the Marais, decorated in the “Hello Kitty” style. Find the address in my cheesecake post.

Hotels with Eiffel Tower views
The hotels in the 7th arrondissement are in close proximity to the Eiffel tower, Invalides, Boulevard Saint Germain, Musée d’Orsay. One area of the 7th is especially charming because of its village feel in the vicinity of rue Cler.

Hotel Duquesne Eiffel
23, avenue Duquesne 75007
The hotel is completely air conditioned. The closest metro stop is École Militaire. For more information about the area read about Splendid Hotel Tour Eiffel since it is in the same neighborhood.

Hôtel Splendid Tour Eiffel — has received very positive feedback from readers
29, avenue de Tourville 75007

I have found the perfect hotel where you can lie in bed and look out your window at the Eiffel tower. Don’t tell anyone! Direct view is from room 507.

I went looking for spring flowers near the Eiffel Tower, got off the bus one stop too early and found a treasure instead. How often can you lie in bed and look out through the French doors that lead to a 2 foot by 6 foot balcony at the Eiffel Tower?

The hotel describes itself as being in one of the most beautiful areas of the capital; two steps away from the Eiffel Tower, the Invalides Napolean’s grave, Rodin museum, Orsay, etc.

This hotel has 48 rooms including junior suites; each is equipped with satellite television, mini bar, safe, telephone, hair dryer, and supplementary WiFi. Four rooms have a direct view. The side rooms have an Eiffel Tower view if you step out onto the small “balcony” (about 2 feet x 4 feet) as well as either an Invalides view or view of the military school .

Room sizes vary and the one with the best view is the largest (large by normal Paris hotel standards). Three people can stay in this particular room which has a double bed and a sofa bed. Since there is no charge for the third person and if you are lucky enough to have a reservation sufficiently made in advance, this junior suite is a good bet.

Room 607 is a junior suite (up to three people) that looks out at the Eiffel Tower and is roof top level (mansardée). Room 507 is a junior suite, is the largest room and has the best view. Rooms 307 and 207 also have a direct view and are called double superior.

If you have seen the Flat Iron building in New York you know that the sides wedge out. That is what happens with the Hotel Splendid. This affords every room in the hotel with an indirect view. The best side view is the Invalides side that lights up magnificently at night.

In speaking with one of the hotel representatives, she asked that requests for upgrades and better rooms be made at the time of booking. High season is considered to be May, June, September and October. Low season is July, August, January and February. The others are a toss up.

In the vicinity is a grocery store, a couple of banks, the post office, at least three brasseries, metro and two buses.


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